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alyssafaden: “ Things were different back in the Middle Ages on so, so many levels. You didn’t get to vote your leaders in, they pretty much decided themselves. Well, that is if other country leaders.

celts in 400 bce. faaaar more widespread than now. the galatians were celts all the way in turkey!

It seems likely that the Celts reached the north-south section of the Danube by the century BCE as is shown by several La Tene B cemetaries in the Danube bend and north-eastern Hungary.

Hitler's Map of the planned “Greater German Reich”.

Hitler's Map of the planned “Greater German Reich”. He would have taken it all under his control as plan for the Aryan race. Part radical socialism, fascism and right wing racist. After WWI paramilitary groups began in Germany .

The Greatest Naval Battle in History fought by the US and Japanese Navies on Leyte Gulf

This Vintage Map Shows the 'Greatest Battle in the History of Naval Warfare'

The Battle of Leyte Gulf occurred between October It was the largest naval battle of the Second World War and it involved combined American and Australian naval and air forces against Japanese forces. It resulted in the crippling of the Japane

An alternative hypothetical British federation. Note that, inconsistently, the the self-governing Crown Dependency of the Isle of Man (not part of the United Kingdom) was included, but not the similar Isles of Jersey and Guernsey.

Alternative Hypothetical British Federation (devo-max for even more everybody) [OS]