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Coffee table

Coffee table

Lilly Coffee Table by Joshua Miller: Wood Coffee Table - wood slabs available at http://www.BerkshireProducts.com

Lilly Coffee Table by Joshua Miller (Wood Coffee Table

Floating top coffee table

Floating top coffee table made from rough cut scrap lumber.

Coffee table

A large and low round coffee table, made in three pieces of solid American oak finished in wax-oil.

Mahogany coffee table

Friends of ours owned a wine bar for a few years, but they decided to close it down because there was some retail development that was supposed to happen that never did. They contacted me and asked if I wanted to purchase the floating bar they had.

Walnut coffee table

After my last two commissions i was left with this slab and some short lengths of and walnut. Rather than just store it away I decided to make this spec coffee table for the upcoming show season.

Pallet coffee table GLOWING

Make your own fancy pallet coffee table on a very low budget. This table creates a pleasant atmosphere in your living room by glowing in adjustable colors.