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Luna 2 was the second of the Soviet Union's Luna program spacecraft launched in the direction of the Moon.

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Old illustrations from Agence Eureka/4thdown

Friday is a good day, the week is over and the weekend is ahead of us. I& decided Friday would be a good day for posting inspirational pic.

Eastern European Matchbook Labels

Eastern European Matchbook Labels

vintage matchbox label: vintage matchbox label

vintage matchbox label: vintage matchbox label> this pin reminds me of my niece who does amazing circus tricks to keep fit !

An animatronic bunny! Hello! He looks like his paws are robotic and only move up and down. Ooh, I like the sky and invisible cloud behind him! Very nice all round.

vintage travel poster Czech rabbit matchbox label vintage: Save Us Astor House Shangai

vintage matchbox label

vintage matchbox label