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Vocaloid- Len x Rin (Twincest); I Ship This Type Of Twincest Pairing. Cute!

Len x Rin (Vocaloid) SOOO CUTE! Even though I originally thought they were siblings if they r not siblings soooooo cute

Pokemon go teams....... Team valor b*tches << XD REKT SCRUBS! << lmao team Mystic is the best

Pokemon go teams....... Team valor b*tches

Pokemon go teams. Team valor b*tches << XD REKT SCRUBS!<<As a member of valor myself I can agree with this statement

Source: http://www.surfacage.net/post/149940477354/noire-why-the-fuck-is-your-wartortle-named

surfacage: “ noire: why the fuck is your wartortle named chapstick spark: uhh i had chapstick in my pockets when i caught it…. noire: i can’t believe you’re a team leader (happens a month after.

Same Colours

This is one of the saddest and sweetest pokemon fan art I have ever seen. And now I'm rethinking about me getting Tepig and no Oshawott.



OMG. I'm about to cry. This was so beautiful...:

Oh Father

OH MY GOD THE FEELS. His mama died so a ditto turned into a charizard to take care of him until he could protect himself ; <--- Or Ditto is actually his dad, and his mom was the Charizard in the relationship

No matter what team you are on you got to love Spark

I love Spark

I love Spark <--- I don't even have the game and I'm pretty sure I know what team I'm on. XD Wear heelies to escape your feelies y'all.