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Plan your outfits- Monday, Wednesday, Friday: PRINTED KNITS; Tues/Thurs: PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS; Saturday: clogs, junky AVON jewelry, or gold-filled chains; Sunday: RAINBOW motif

1975 - photographic print tees were so IN. Mine had a mountain meadow print over bright green!



Men in belted sweaters - another reason why some seventies fashions need never  come-back.

Men In Belted Sweaters. This is the fashion cultural period into which I was born.Where are the Men In Belted Sweaters these days :P

Groovy knitted Grandad waistcoat

The Seventies: The Decade When Male Fashion Made Men Less Masculine ~ vintage everyday

Proof that the 70s were the ugliest decade for clothing!

source: pzrservices brand: n/a year: why: Matching outfits, so cute! I like the lightning bolt detail, I feel like that would sell well today. Can't decide between the lightning bolt jeans or the rainbow-stitched overalls.

Shelley Hack in the 1975 Christmas issue of Montgomery Ward

Like the cut of the shirt in the middle. Knitted shirts could be a nice touch.

Those shirts. And pants. Ack, think I had that cardigan. But it's the hair that really pulls it all together.

From the "Your Dorky Science Teacher" collection.

Yep, that's vinyl. Plaid Stallions : Rambling and Reflections on pop culture

How Sears made our Christmas AWESOME. 1975

Sears Christmas Wishbook 1975 - pretty sure my mom dressed me in one like these at Christmas