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Full size picture of Slipper Plant (Euphorbia lomelii)

Full size picture of Slipper Plant, Pedilanthus macrocarpus (Euphorbia lomelii)

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Resin Giant Clam Shell from Ballard Designs. Short of finding one on the beach, this is the next best thing. Bring a little Lotusland into your garden or on your porch.

Sukkulente: Euphorbia lactea “Cristata” Pflegetips  amazing

Sukkulente: Euphorbia lactea “Cristata” Pflegetips: She needs very little Water because Mother made her, through GOD, to be constantly FULL of Water.

Conophytum bilobum ssp. bilobum var. bilobum près de Chubiessis

Conophytum bilobum - Living Pebble is a robust groundcover succulent plant, stemless or with short stems with time. Paired leaves are.

Succulent: Praying Pepper plant (Peperomia Dolabriformis Ecuador).

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