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limes in Raetia -

Hadrian's Wall

The Great Wall of China and more stunning Wonder Walls every traveller should visit in their lifetime;

Granary at Vercovicium. The pillars supported a raised floor to keep food dry and free from vermin (James Crow (2004), Housesteads. A Fort And Garrison on Hadrian's Wall, Stroud: Tempus, p. 56.) They are not part of a hypocaust.

Housesteads Roman Fort, was an auxiliary fort on Hadrian's Wall in England.

Hadrian's wall.

Castle Nick (Milecastle This aerial shot shows how commanding the Hadrian Wall milecastles were.

A map showing the Stanegate. The line later followed by Hadrian's Wall is represented by a dashed line.

The road before the Wall: excavating the Stanegate at Vindolanda - Hadrian's Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier - Newcastle University

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The remains of a fort on Hadrian's Wall near Housesteads, England.

Hadrian's Wall - a more fortified stretch - where the Watchers patrol in the books

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