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I spent hours rug hooking

I spent hours rug hooking

See Dick. See Jane. Run, Spot, run. I LOVED these books...they were so...riveting. :)

Dick Jane Sally Spot Puff Tim - learned to read with them. I loved reading these books as a kid!


MUSICAL JEWELRY BOX Ballerina, Every girl knew had one of these. The little ballerina was on a spring and if you played around with it too much the spring would break and she would just lay down and not pop up when you opened it.

I have my Grandmother's jewelry box❤. Looks like the same one. Red velvet on the inside.

Do you remember this box

Charm Bracelets. Got a charm for every special occasion!

Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet With 28 Charms.

This is definitely one item of 'vintage fashion' that I am very glad is gone forever!!!!

Belt for Kotex Sanitary Napkins. such painful memories! I only has to use them for a year or so but oh how I hated them.

adoro Luluzinha...fofa demais !

Little Lulu comic books.my very favorite comics growing up (we had our own little lulu club,,,because it was easy to draw

How did you fall in love with reading?

Dick and Jane. LOVED those books. That was our first readers in first grade. They were little blue soft bound books. I got Dick and Jane books for my grand kids.

scratch 'n sniff stickers were my favorite thing ever

old school scratch and sniff stickers I had hundreds if stickers in my sticker collection, these were my favorite to share :) Xo

the jetsons episodes watch online and download free

The Jetsons::Meet George Jetson. Jane, his wife. His boy, Elroy.and of course - faithful dog, Astro.


Pop Open Address/Phone Number Book-remember parents and grandparents having this

#popbeads #childhood #toy

Pop beads - loved these! Anyone remember getting pop / toggle beads from bubble gum machines?

The Big Eyed Girls.

I remember these prints. Very common in bedrooms of little girls in the - My sister Teresa had these in her room because I remember being fascinated by them.

You might be old if you remember going to school with a metal lunchbox and a sandwich that your mom wrapped in wax paper like this. I still wrap sandwiches like this.

Getting a home permanent was one way to be glamorous...if not smelly from the setting lotion!  Fortunately the aroma didn't last long! Mom gave us permanents up through high school.

Getting a home perm . I still have night mares about the curls. Oh how I hated the Toni Perm