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Extraordinary documentary that marks a transitional view of print and new media

Page One: Inside the New York Times Documentarian Andrew Rossi goes inside the New York Times to examine how the venerable paper and its reporters are responding to the massive changes in how news is gathered, analyzed and dispersed.

Off the Rez: Documentary by Jonathan Hock. Amazing!

Off the Rez: Documentary by Jonathan Hock.

Papers Documentary

Papers Documentary

We Live In Public (2009)  Award-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner (Dig!) follows Internet television pioneer/eccentric Josh Harris of Pseudo.com over the course of a decade in the 1990s.  Why it’s a must-see: Harris is a madman. He rigged his own apartment with cameras just as his new girlfriend was moving in. Their entire lives were taped, broadcast and chatted about online -- making Harris tons of money along the way.

10 Must-See Documentaries for Entrepreneurs

The Business of Being Born - documentary exploring the contemporary experience of childbirth in the United States

The Business of Being Born (2008)

I hope every woman sees this. The Business of Being Born- amazing documentary on Home Birth. Women need to get educated about their birthing options and what is best for them and their babies.


Page One: Inside the New York Times (Documentary)- Unprecedented access to the New York Times newsroom yields a complex view of the transformation of a media landscape fraught with both peril and opportunity.

A CUP OF JO: 10 best documentaries

to watch - A CUP OF JO: 10 great documentaries (I have an unusual obsession with documentaries)