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take-a-pick:  小尼克 | FTPanda [pixiv] Posted with permission.All the credit goes to wonderful artist/author, not me. Thus, please do not edit/repost this article without permission.

J'ai vu ce que tu n'as jamais vus, j'ai vécu ce que tu ne connais pas encore…

Cody: do you know...how it feels.... Having your favorite person... In the world... Die... Right in front of you.... With no way to help that person... Your demons end up taking over... And now... You end up like me... Normal by day... But by night... -narrows bright ocean green eyes- you become the evil of the world... Looking for the people.... That started this... Just... By... -makes a gun motion- pulling... -puts finger gun up to his head- the... Trigger... -makes trigger pulling…

'' ωє вσтн ѕнαяє∂ тнιѕ ωєαρσи ιи συя нαи∂ѕ вυт иσω ѕιи¢є уσυ αяє ∂єα∂ ι ωιℓℓ кєєρ ιт ιи му нαи∂ѕ fσяєνєя'' *aĸaѕнι нad ѕιgнed onтo тнe weapon тнιnĸιng aвoυт нιѕ greaт-grand ғaтнer. aѕ нιѕ eyeѕ were вlιndғolded aѕ нe тυrned aroυnd ғeelιng тнe ѕнarp edge oғ

L'anime Gangsta. en simulcast sur Crunchyroll !, 24 Juin 2015 - Manga news

L'anime Gangsta. en simulcast sur Crunchyroll !, 24 Juin 2015

Traduction FR : Les gens endommagés sont dangereux. Ils savent comment faire de l'Enfer un chez toi

Damaged people are dangerous they know how to make hell feel like home