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Pool with a view of Etruscan ruins, Italy

Pool with a view of Etruscan ruins at the Hotel Brufani Palace in PERUGIA, Italy

Old forgotten house taken over by a tree! Micoley's picks for #AbandonedProperties www.Micoley.com

Old forgotten house taken over by a tree! the caption proclaims, but this may actually ruins of a Cambodian temple

Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces in the Laurel Highlands - Fallingwater

MY DREAM HOUSE-Fallingwater house - Frank Lloyd Wright You can actually open a piece of the floor in this house and stick your toes in the swiftly moving water OR put your fishing pole in there! Amazing concept--tucked in in a forest in western PA.

The excavation crew in Pit X at Ur, Iraq, 1933

The Royal Cemetery of Ur, Iraq: This photograph shows the progress of the excavations in the deep hole, Pit X, undertaken from by Leonard Woolley. The large-scale excavation removed cubic meters of soil and involved over 150 workers.

Red Glory Victorian against a   grey sky - Lovely!!

Painting a Queen Anne in one color obscures the details, whether it is white or red. Colors don't have to be bright to enhance the architecture.

Modern Mountain Retreat

This modern retreat is as an ideal place take in some fresh mountain air and unwind in front of a roaring fire. Inside, the sleek modern dwelling soaks up its rustic landscape though towering windows, while vaulted ceilings brighten wood-paneled spaces wi

The Wedding Cake House, New Orleans

Wedding Cake House" Mansion at 5809 St.Charles Ave, near Nashville Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana

Lugubre et exaltant

I LOVE this gate.looks cool and slightly haunted at the same time. It's the entrance to a cemetery. if I could find this house I would buy it.

Hellenistic temple-fronted Tombs,    Dalyan, Turkey

The Hellenistic temple fronted Tombs of Kaunos, - cent.C , just outside the archaeological site of Kounos on the oposite side of the Calbys river from Dalyan, Turkey. Kaunos is on the border of Lycia

Many who thought that the Raja Ampat is one tourist attractions, consists of four islands such as the stone arise with several attrac.

Abandoned church / St. Dunstan in London

St Dunstan-in-the-East was a Church of England parish church on St Dunstan's Hill, half way between London Bridge and the Tower of London in the City of London. The church was largely destroyed in the Second World and the ruins are now a public garden.

in the old, forgotten places.--the stain glass still calls you to worship

indypendent-thinking: Stained (by Timothy Neesam (GumshoePhotos)) Amazingly beautiful stained glass in an abandoned church in Detroit