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Leos are curious cats.^ well I am severely clinically bipolar so. yea i guess that's true lol

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Yes. I do often fail miserably then talking to idiots. It does not help that I tend to start crying when angry.

So like, all the time. This is very true. Recently had an episode where an "idiot" confronted a drunk, Irish, Leo.

Yep that's about right!

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Leo's hate being ignored by the person they love. It makes them explode in anger. #TrueStory

So true whenever my friend ignores me i always convince myself that it is my fault. But then I realize it is not and get so mad about this that I will end up ignoring her for like a week

Leo Personality – Losing My Mind, One Child At A Time….

Zodiac Society - Leo trust is hard to get back. I know it true for this Leo!

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FAQ What are the specific birthstones for Leo? – Leo Birthstones are sunstone and black onix What are Leo birthstone colors?

That's what we have Roberto.

Leos look for emotional connection


LMFAO - haven't met a mature Leo woman yet.