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Fuck Yeah Retail Robin.tumblr.com<----- LMAO!!! So true.

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Retail Robin - Go into competitor's store whilst wearing uniform Uniform looks completely different, customers still ask for help

why  yes in fact......it does hurt when I smile. :P

People do tend to treat clerks like their feelings don't matter, regardless of what kind of retail job you work at.

I seriously hate that. Please treat me like a human being.

I pick up one coin at a time to put in the till. If they waste my time. I waste theirs lol

From around the corner, while you're sitting on the floor, shoulder deep into a fixture, to add awkward shelves. . .

Or when you're on top of a 20 foot ladder. Or when you literally juggling items that other customers dumped. Or on my hands and knees head in a shelf fixing a fixture a customer tried to sit/stand on.

when will this item go into the sale? i'm sorry, my psychic powers aren't working right now | Retail Robin

If it is on sale it is marked. This aint burger king you cant have it your way in retail