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Tell me again...

Funny Workplace Ecard: I wear bodily fluids that aren't mine, I work weekends & holidays, I get screamed at & have my hands in other peoples orifices. Tell me again how hard you work?

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We have snow days too. And by snow days I mean we get our asses to work on days with three feet of snow.same with sick days in which we go to work and smile through our own suffering

Bragging leads to vanity and vanity is all too shallow, working out for yourself but still receiving compliments on how you look is win-win!

for real. it can happen and people do it every day. no one cares how much you work out.

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Fifty Shades, baby.

Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions! If you like the captions of this post – Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions, and other photos & images on this website,.

yeh, and the other one is "how much he weigh" while the baby is blue and not breathing.

another one is- how much does my baby weigh. when they have been holding the infant since birth!