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Makes you feel special

I get to hug the cutest man ever for the rest of my life. Sometimes his hugs are all I need

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This year, my friends and I are really trying to get healthy together! So yes, I think this summer will be great!

I am weird once you get to know me REALLY well

just girly things. ♡ this is me ALL the time. I think I am the annoying one in the group.


Being hugged by a tall guy. I'm am super tall so hardly any guys are taller than me. I finally found a guy who is and just want him to hug me!

I SO WANT TO BE ARIEL FOR HALLOWEEN ONE YEAR!  I like how this one isn't the traditional swimsuit top!

Little Mermaid& costume & I& been wondering how to do The Little Mermaid for Halloween when I& sure both of my girls will want to be Ariel. But, Ariel had a couple great dresses& And, who knows maybe one of them will want to be human Ursula!

Just Girly Things

It's the cutest face in the world. and he always tells me how nice I look. even when I'm wearing a grungy old tee shirt.