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i feel so attacked

Happy birthday to the goofball that I love so much can't believe he's 19 now I'm so speechless SHIT there are now words to describe how I feel right now. He's just perfect!

Oh goodness! Xx This is Amazing! I feel like luck is the cuddliest and always wants to cuddle.

Yay band cuddle *starts to cuddle everyone* Ash: Yay cuddles *hugs me* Me: Haha ash *hugs him back* yay haha Luke: Huga yay<< omg lol

Luke is such a mommas boy^^^ omg this is Luke hemmings in a nutshell

The definition of luke >>> cause Liz Hemmings is the best mum ever

Luke telling a joke.....

Luke Hemmings telling a 'cheesy' joke. I remember this joke from Hannah Montana.

Umm hold on maybe 2 or 3 hours so I can delete my whole phone

Totally me if Luke or Ashton or calum or Michel said hi to me or looked at me or were in the same room as me

This is the funniest thing I've seen!! I love this fandom

This is the funniest thing I've seen! I love this fandom<<< currently in that mood where everything is a 1

For just 3 pennies a day, your can help this boy buy a new shirt

Everyone is excited about the fucking bobby pin, nobody's paying attention to his freaking face!

Luke is me. I am Luke. (Plays We Are One in the background)

I do that all the time<<<<I guarantee you I am that friend.<<<<< yes that is so me