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Deep League Relevant: 14th Dec - 20th Dec

Welcome to another edition of deep league relevant, where we dig through the waiver wire looking for players who should hopefully be available in most 14 team deep leagues.

The Knicks should not have traded for Carmelo Anthony

The Carmelo Anthony Trade Saga is Finally Over

Deep League Relevant: 16th Mar - 22nd Mar

If you’re reading this with a grin on your face, kudos for making the playoffs.

Jusuf Nurkić u dresu Denvera

Jusuf Nurkić u dresu Denvera

New Orleans Pelicans Game Previews: December 12 - December 18

The Pelicans have shown us their intentions through their trade discussions. Anthony Davis, going forward, is a power forward, not a center.

Deep League Relevant: 23rd Feb - 1st Mar

This week we take a look at players who should still be available in team deep leagues.

Golden State Warriors Earn Remarkable Odds in Vegas

Draymond Green: The Golden State Warriors' Greatest Asset or Biggest Liability?

Raptors dump DeMarre Carroll?s contract in trade to Brooklyn

Since December the Raptors have hobbled their way to a meager record of with an unpleasant in their last

Deep League Relevant: 24th Nov - 30th Nov

Welcome to the fourth installment of deep league relevant. Today we're going to explore which injuries have opened the door for bench players to step up and produce.

Deep League Relevant: 12th Jan - 18th Jan

Deep League Relevant: 12th Jan - 18th Jan

How Drafting Marcus Smart Helped Shape The Current Era Of Celtics Basketball

The Celtics Conundrum: Stockpiling assets while competing for playoff spots

Deep League Relevant: 2nd Feb - 8th Feb

We go hunting again for players who should be available in most 14 team deep leagues.

New York Knicks Fantasy Basketball Season Preview

I’ve been playing fantasy basketball with the same core group of people in a re-draft league since the days of Shawn Marion being a first-round pick, and it never occurred to us to start a dynasty league.

Deep League Relevant: 9th Nov - 15th Nov

I don’t mean to brag (I do, I really do), but I really hope a few of you were able to pick up the top 2 suggestions from last week’s article.

Indiana Pacers Fantasy Basketball Rankings & Projections for 2017/18

Essay about losing a basketball game Essay about losing a basketball game. Market research papers zip codes steps to write an essay in english.

Deep League Relevant: 8th Dec - 14th Dec

Welcome to the sixth (kind of late) instalment of deep league relevant. Somebody (me) clumsily dropped water on my laptop and I had to wait a few days to get a new one. Moral of the story, always insure your laptop!