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Pure EVIL what comes out of their mouths. Evil that hurt my children.

Donald Trump whose mouth literally looks like a puckered asshole lol

As long the confederate battle flag is used for good and not hate, then I don't mind. The flags I do hate are the Swastika flags and the hammer and sickle flag.

Support, I support this Flag, NOT because of a bunch of demonRats! BUT because of what it stands for!!! And if you think it stands for RACISM??? bOY DO YOU HAVE A LOT TO LEARN!!!

the same reason all Sons of Confederate Veterans support the Battle Flag---Ancestry. Our Great Great Grandfathers fought under this flag. Our Patriot National Flag is the same as all Americans. Old Glory-our National Flag

Old times there are not forgotten...

We will never forget our heritage! Thank you Texas for the Pride you placed in my heart.