Grayson Perry: "I love fakes for they make us think about what it is we see in the authentic. About how much of our awe in front of a great historical artefact is in its inherent beauty and how much is to do with its auspicious provenance."

GRAYSON PERRY - creating ceramic urns to present his art is definitely individual


Grayson Perry at the British Museum ending soon

Rosetta Vase from Grayson Perry's exhibition at the British Museum. His pots are an odd mixture of graphic art and ceramic, with social commentary.

Grayson Perry - Artist - Ceramic

Grayson Perry - Artist - Ceramic

Potter Artist Grayson Perry (British: 1960 - )

Contemporary grotesque wares, edgy ceramics, confrontational clays, provocative porcelains all conjuring up a mud mayhem designed to demand your attention.

I loved Grayson Perry's recent work dealing with status. Saw the documentary on Channel 4,

Grayson Perry's The Walthamstow Tapestry goes on display in London

"The Vanity of Small Differences consists of six tapestries that tell the story of Tim Rakewell. Some of the characters, incidents and objects I have included I encountered whilst filming All in the Best Possible Taste. The tapestries tell a story of class mobility. I think nothing has such a strong influence on our aesthetic taste as the social class we grow up in."

Grayson Perry Tapestries