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Lantana. Butterflies love it. Need to check if aster yellow is a problem with this plant.

Lantana is so easy to grow and attracts butterflies. I've seen it grow into the size of a medium-sized bush. Just lovely! Loves sun, can tolerate drought, but with good watering grows large. ohhhh i wanna find Lantana like this!

If you have a little space for a garden, you’re probably growing seasonal vegetables—but there’s never a bad time of year to grow fruit, either. This graphic shows you all of the fruit you can grow at any time of year, including some year-round options that’ll feed you in the warm and cool months alike.

Trees and Plants to Grow for an All-Year Fruit Garden

10 Best Air Filtering House Plants, According to NASA

These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs And They Clean The Air At Your Home

10 Best Air Filtering House Plants, According to NASA Only Lady Palm and Ribbon Plant are non-toxic to dogs and cats. All others should be avoided with pets.

How to Remove Stubborn Shrubs and Shrub Roots without hours of digging. Use a car jack to provide leverage and hundreds of pounds of pulling force.

How to Remove Shrubs and Shrub Roots

Remove shrubs with a car jack, via cross beam and chainlllIf you have shrubs that you want to remove, here’s how to get the roots out without hours of digging and chopping.How to Remove Shrubs and Shrub Roots - Article

Herbal Swag Williams-Sonoma Exclusive ✦ Herbicide/Pesticide-free herbs www.greennutrilabs.com

Hang this swag in the kitchen, then snip off sprigs of preserved lavender, Santa Cruz oregano, sage, rosemary to add to favorite recipes. (looks easier to make than a wreath and I'm growing these things now)

How to Make Your Own Pond Filtration System | eHow

How to Make Your Own Pond Filtration System

Building simple homemade pond filters can help keep costs down for your backyard water garden landscaping project. Just as effective as store-bought models, do-it-yourself pond.


Good article on Coleus (my new favorite for containers) including care, how to take cuttings in the fall and grow indoors over the winter, shaping - would make a good Xmas tree

Raised lettuce beds ...Is easy to reach; Keeps slugs out too.  This would be nice right by my house; just walk out of the kitchen and grab some leaves.  Also a nice way to cover up a useless, ugly gravel spot.

Ashley English's backyard farm - her raised lettuce beds .Is easy to reach; Keeps slugs and rabbits away.