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Definitely ready to get back to work after the holiday break, warming up with this one! by liamashurst

Th  genie is unavailable right now. But if u leave a  message  in a Bottle he will get back to u.

For some reason this bottle makes me think of a person mind begin lost. because the background is so amazing and the person is standing there like he is lost in his own mind thats trap in a bottle jar.

Get Back Up by kilala97 on @DeviantArt

It was a birth defect I was always to have big wings it happened to 90 percent of fillies with a alicorn mom and pegasus dad that was hard for me :(

Get Back AMV \\

Made this in hrs cause I was itching to edit this anime :D Song : Get Back - Nine Lashes Anime : Oda Nobuna no Yabou Episodes used : 1 - 6

This is beautiful.  Eren's dad is definitely gonna have some explaining to do when he gets back.  Attack on Titan

unrad dads who think they’re rad dads who’re kind of bad dads aren’t you glad they’re not your mad dad it’s just a fad don’t make your sons sad>> it sounds like a song. Or a long meme

Get Back Up Again by OwlCoat

Get Back Up Again by OwlCoat