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One of my all time favorite comedians.

The only race I hate… Not my sentiment, I love running, but I also think this guy is hysterically funny.

Sea Shepherd, Blood for Blood by Staunch Industries

Sea Shepherd, Blood for Blood - Beeslaar

my mom like died laughing at this...

Thanksgiving Turkey Cartoons Cry Fowl on Christmas Holidays A Sesame Street Thanksgiving with Bert, Ernie, the Count, the Grinch, Cookie Monster and Elmo feasting their eyes on Big.

Works every time http://ift.tt/2zvgN8q

Works every time http://ift.tt/2zvgN8q

Yes he could lol

Pinner wrote: Morgan Freeman has an interesting voice for movies. Maybe if he narrated my life it would seem as interesting as a movie.and then she made macaroni and cheese, again.