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Some European Folktales Pre-Date the Bible and Greek Myths - A family tree representing the transmission of “The Smith and the Devil” from Proto-Indo-European-speaking ancestors to modern language groups.

Comparative phylogenetic analyses uncover the ancient roots of Indo-European folktales


О чем рассказывают нам... сказки

I love how this tutorial includes a FREE pdf pattern! This looks like it's really easy to sew. I'm going to try this.

Fast hooded cape free pattern and tutorial

Fast Hooded Cape DIY Tutorial and (FREE) Pattern! fleece This fast hooded cape can be made in under an hour. It’s simple, but elegant design makes it a versatile costume piece. Perfect for Halloween or everyday!

Macroeconomics, Lecture 01 - This video will help you a lot in your macroeconomics class. He has the whole course on youtube!

This is the first lecture of a first-year, introductory course in macroeconomics. It introduces the most important concepts in economics, the differences bet.

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Gears are cool. Animations made by garethwashere.

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собери букву из частей-3 (495x700, 133Kb)

собери букву из частей-3 (495x700, 133Kb)

A beginner's guide to Esperanto :)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Esperanto week! If we’ve convinced you to give the language a try, you might find this handy beginner’s guide a good place to.

"It's too easy to slip into selfishness. Be intentional about giving."  The Payoffs of Generous Living -

One anonymous gift many years ago had a massive impact on Tracy’s life.

Thảm họa Chernobyl – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

Thảm họa Chernobyl – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

Extremely Useful Formula Cheatsheet

Extremely Useful Formula Cheatsheet What meant by term mecahnical physics - in terms Of evetyfsay life application possibilites or thhat thatd whT it ralates to lr is part of a scetor segment of