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What I learned from vertical gardening using my Garden Tower.

What I learned from vertical gardening using my Garden Tower.

Compact Gardening. For leafy greens

Garden Tower Project The Homestead Survival vertical planter with a worm tower in the center really works. You add kitchen scraps into the center tower which creates a compost tea that drips out the bottom which you add back into the plants. Each hole can

Flower Tower, this is a great diy using PVC pipe.

12 DIY Inspiring Patio Design Ideas

PVC Pipe Planter Disney world does this! Lowes sells the 4 to round PVC pipe with holes already drilled. Purchase an end cap, fill with rock, soil, and plant. I will often put these in the center of a very large pot to stabilize, and add amazing heigh

Unique Ideas for Herb Gardens- Indoor and Out!

Unique Herb Garden Ideas

*Note: I like the idea of this. But make it out of wood square planter box. Container herb garden for a patio. I like this idea! I already have the pot arrangement, but it went empty this year.

pergola style trellis.

This link has a ton of really easy garden ideas including a cattle panel arch trellis.

Vertical gardening from The Garden Tower Project

Check out the cucumber vines, lower right. (And yes that is a cat under there.

Who doesn’t LOVE garlic?! This is a staple in my household and I hate when I buy a whole bulb and can’t use it all right away, or end up not having any at all. Never go without using this great indoor bulb growing technique. And perhaps, you can also put it to good use throughout the house with a variety of other plants!

27 Ways To Create The Best Indoor Herb Garden

You can regrow garlic sprouts from a single garlic clove. Just place the garlic cloves in a small cup with a little water and let it grow. The garlic sprouts have gentle flavor than garlic and can be added to pasta, salads and other dishes.

Interplanting Vegetables: Root Depth, Plant Height

Interplanting Vegetables: Root Depth, Plant Height

Companion planting vegetables herbs flowers--Companion planting and combining means growing plants together that like or benefit each other. Vegetable companion gardening can have a real impact on the health and yield of your plants.