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APH- Your wish is my command by kuroneko3132

* laughs out loud * Poor Feli. I got that herbal cream you-a wanted?

I think I cried a litt- a lot I cried a lot D,: this is so beautiful

I am legit crying, guys and that doesn't happen often<<England isn't the only one that hates the revolution

Hetalia - Romano<--- I once told Lovi that if I ever got blind, I would remember how he smiled when I compliment him. I would remember how he would blush when I tease him, and I would sadly remember how he would cry... But besides that, I would be happy because I remember everything about him that made me fall in love with him.

Hetalia - Romano<--- I once told Lovi that if I ever got blind, I would…

I don't like patata by ROSEL-D on deviantART XDDD This is so AWESOME. HILARIOUS ---> OMG. I love this ~ Patata, that amazing!!

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - The Italy brothers - North & South Italy - lol, North Italy's so scary (^_^;)<--------- so north Italy has finally shown his true colors it was a matter pic time lol 😈

Ivan Braginski(RussiaHetalia) | Anime Amino

Russia Hug Motivational Poster by AwesomeAriel on DeviantArt

the wall outlet faces of hetalia by russiafan1234

We'll never leave, like it or not. Sorry to all the Otakus who hate Hetalia XD

CHIBI | Chibi Italy by =tariah23 on deviantART

Day Character with your favorite voice/seiyuu. His voice is just so damn cute and he's so adorable *squeal*

Check this out

Donald Trump would deport this joke

Hetalia, it sounds so cute in all the other languages then you get to Germany and it just kind sounds scary. Then again a lot of things in German sound hardcore.

12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander (DeviantART) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

12 Days of Hetalia Christmas by Brittlander (DeviantART) Soooo did England get…