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Zorg dat men je verhaal kan en wil doorvertellen en delen. Maak mensen aan het lachen. Terwijl ze ook gaan nadenken over wat je te vertellen hebt

Funny Church Sign: "Honk if you Love Jesus, text while driving if you want to meet Him.

I just laughed so hard, I fell. haha

St. Augustine ~ World Golf Hall of Fame

some people are like Slinkies.but they bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs

silly sign

"Entrance only. Do not enter." Where is the entrance where I do enter?

lunch protection @Cyn Valentine  For ted and his "samwhich" lol

What a neat (and funny) idea! Protect your kids' lunches with these Anti-Theft Lunch Baggies (moldy sandwich anyone?

They Had Their Reasons

They Had Their Reasons

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Is it just me or no matter where you put the comma it doesn't make sense? I like cooking, my family and pets. I, like cooking, my family and pets. I like cooking my family, and pets.

HAHAHA!!!!!  30 Funny and Honest Company Logos/ Slogans.

The Subway one is totally true 😂👌🏼 30 Funny and Honest Company Logos, Slogans

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Randomness Is Awesomeness

A math teacher's hashtag response to a student's answer on a math quiz. I want to high-five that math teacher :)