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Design week 47/13

Hillhock Domestic Pig Couch & Sculpture by PaviaBurroughs on Etsy (one day when I hit the lottery, I'm gonna buy him!

Keep calm..

The World Pork Expo this week explores innovation in the pork industry through topics including animal well-being, business and environmental management, production efficiencies and more. KEEP CALM STILE!

Piggy bank tram in Basel, Switzerland.  Kantor bank.

Muslims in Switzerland consider the popular Swiss Piggy Tram an insult to their religion. Who cares? The Swiss are standing against those who want to change their country.

Tiger SofaRocchetti also created this very realistic tiger couch. Complete with incredible facial details and a tail, this is perfect for any safari-themed room.

Would You Sit On One Of These?

Creative Sofa Design Minds : Most Unique Tiger Sofa With Real Animal Print For Your Furniture Collection

pizza sleeping bag!

Funny pictures about Pizza sleeping bag. Oh, and cool pics about Pizza sleeping bag. Also, Pizza sleeping bag photos.

These TINY pigs are the cutest things youll see today (21 photos)

These TINY pigs are the cutest things you’ll see today (21 photos)

Ok I know this is really strange but I think this couch is cool too. It's interesting!

The color, idea. An Italian Sofa In The Form Of Cupped Hands.probably have to put this by the lip sofa