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Abe kærlighed

This mother wants to keep her baby ALIVE, SAFE and FED, just like us human moms.Please don't harm these animals.


so cute! Polar Bear Cub Hunter loves his polar bears I love him bigger then the Moon!

Grizzly Bear and his meal.  When we were there, we saw mother bears come out of their dens with their cubs and catch fish as the Salmon were swimming upstream. River otters and Bald Eagles were also waiting for the fish too!

A grizzly bear catching a sockeye salmon // Deadliest Catch by Stephen Oachs

Oh you know, just being a bear, hanging out on #Baylor's campus. #SicEm

Just hanging out on the Baylor campus. The fam bleeds green and gold (: Sic em!

Just a leeeeetle closer, no really, I'm just gonna give you a leeeetle hug!

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