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Araña africana de las cavernas.

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African cave spider wtf kind of mutant spider is this!

It carries it's own water!  :)

Jumping spider, wearing water droplet ~ Uda Dennie from Batam Island, Indonesia

Theridion grallator, also known as the Hawaiian happy-face spider.

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Theridion grallator, or "Happy Face Spider" (known to Hawaiians as the face-patterned spider - Nananana makaki'i) is found in the rainforests of Hawaiian islands, gets just a few millimeters big, and said to be harmless to humans.

Maratus jactatus eller 'Sparklemuffin'. (Foto: Jürgen Otto)

Two Vividly-Marked Peacock Spider Species Nicknamed “Sparklemuffin” and “Skeletorus” Discovered in Queensland (Colossal)

Golden orb weavers have toxic webs | Anguished Repose, nightmares for life, thank you.

Bird-Eating Spiders - Flying into the web of a giant Golden Orb Weaver spider and becoming stuck in it spelled the end for this native Australian finch.


Female garden spiders are beautiful spiders. We allowed one to build a web and reproduce outside a kitchen window one summer. We named her 'My Precious', she was so interesting to study.

The Poisonous Black Widow Spider a frequent un-welcomed visitor at my house

The Poisonous Black Widow Spider