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Geometric Animal Sculptures That Look Like Polygonal 3D Computer Models

Geometric Animal Sculptures That Look Like Polygonal 3D Computer Models

New Zealand-based artist Ben Foster creates incredible low polygon-like sculptures of animals. "My works are a culmination of the natural and the manmade - a careful balance of form and motion." - Ben Foster More low polygon art via Airows

Tierische Skulpturen von Ben Foster | KlonBlog

industrial artist Ben Foster creates life-size recreations of animals in geometric form.

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Xavier Veilhan - mirrored silver metallic horse sculpture in the trees.

New Zealand sculptor Ben Foster began making a series of geometric animals in 2011.

Ben Foster's Animal Sculptures

Xavier Veilhan

Low Polygon Sculptures by Xavier Veilhan

Metallic Polygonal Sculptures by Ben Foster in New Zealand's Natural Surroundings

In a stark white blend of digital and analogue, Ben Foster creates computer-like, faceted sculptures that live not on the screen, but in the physical world

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Stark white pieces of art never looked so inviting: New Zealand-based sculptor Ben Foster creates aluminum forms of animals using modern, geometric shapes. The sculptures are the same size as the.

Ben Foster Sculpture Digital-looking animal sculptures make real life look fake

Dogo knutsel vouwpakket voor een geometrische low door Imprimables

Dogo DIY folding kit for a beautiful geometric low por Imprimables

Shadow, 2014 Aluminium, waterborne automotive paint 2300 x 850 x 750mm Series of 3 + 1AP by Ben Foster

Shadow, 2014 by Ben Foster Aluminium, waterborne automotive paint