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‘Doctor Who’ writer Moffat on possibility of Paternoster Gang spin-off Doctor Who Capaldi Paternoster Gang

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PLEASE READ! Anyone who wants to watch 'The Time of the Doctor' live tomorrow can use these two livestream links I found! Then you can watch the sadness and feels as they happen :) 1: http://www.stream2watch.me/live-tv/bbc-1-live-stream 2:http://livetvcafe.net/video/X6R47664W52Y/BBC-ONE (If you are from New Zealand, like me, it's on at 8:30am here tomorrow morning)

Doctor Who: The Time of The Doctor - Cinema Trailer

I'm kinda torn between cheering and sobbing. I'm excited for the new guy but at the same time how will I be able to deal with losing Matt?!

Premiere poster for Doctor Who Season 8 Twelfth Night 2014

Fire and Ice and Rage.

Doctor Who David Tennant Doctor The Main Who Keeps Running Fan Art Prints


My hero who has been with me throughout my hard times in my life saving me when I started cutting myself and dealing with bullies. Thank you the doctor I will always love you

Doctor Who - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

A poster I made of the main bodies of Master, from Delgado to Gomez. The Masters

"I love that behind the War Doctor you have 10 and 11. Beside 10 you have Rose, the Bad Wolf, and the person that meant the most to him and that he absolutely loved. Then, next to 11, is Clara, the impossible Girl, and the one who has been holding him together since he lost everything and took himself into solitude for so long after the Ponds. I feel like that is such a beautiful thing."

I love that behind the War Doctor you have 10 and Beside 10 you have Rose, the Bad Wolf. Then, next to is Clara, the impossible Girl.

Matt and Jenna on set with Prince Charles and Camilla.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales meet current stars of Doctor Who Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman during their visit BBC Roath Lock Studios on 3 July 2013 in Cardiff, Wales.


Doctors 9 through 12 and his companions (NuWho)//Micky was one of Nine's companions, too!

The third series of Doctor Who began airing ten.


Christopher Eccleston, THE NINTH DOCTOR - he exited after just one season, but his stripped down Time Lord is a flintily lovable thing of wonder — and he sure could wear the hell out of a leather jacket.