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This is cute xD

“cookie monsters” made with waffle cone cookies layered with whipped cream, chocolate custard, and ground-up chocolate cake. The strawberries are decorated with melting chocolate and the tentacles are made of a frosting/fondant hybrid

Skull cake

Oh if I get my edible image system from Bakery Crafts 1 or 2 of the cake layers will be skulls! Perhaps top & bottom with top on pillars & candelabra & skulls between top & layer.


You have entered the realm of the Penny Dreadful Cake Collaboration- CAN YOU HANDLE THE HORROR? A collaboration that explores the dark, chilling and spine tingling tales from “The penny dreadful ho.

Stuffed dates as cockroaches. The plastic bugs with the dates beneath simply look gruesome!

Cream Cheese Stuffed Roaches - Cream Cheese and Walnut Stuffed Dates, Creative Food Ideas for Halloween

If you are planning a Halloween or a Goth-inspired wedding, this roundup will help you to decide on one of the most important things – your cake! A Hallowedding cake is often a real piece of confectionary art...

Gothic Wedding Cakes - Dark Side of Love - the “bleeding cake” may have been inspired by Walking Dead series. Thx Phillips-Barton a Farme / Anne Edgar


the truth

They know much faster who is good at heart and who doesn't have one. Same thing goes for cats - never trust a person who doesn't like cats.