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How to piss off every single nerd on the planet...

How to piss off every single nerd on the planet.

Sir Ian Mckellen | Gandalf, Sherlock and Magneto...and he is best friends with Jean-Luc Picard. Get over it! ;)

The shirt originally said, "Some people are gay. Original pin: Get over it." They were made as part of a demonstration for gay rights in the UK. Sir Ian McKellen has been an outspoken advocate for gay rights.

Functional and stylish

Functional and stylish

Star Trek foretold it. Captain Picard uses Android. He even had an unlimited Data plan.

13 Ex Boyfriend And Ex Girlfriend Memes We Can Relate To

Funny pictures about Actual Advice Yoda. Oh, and cool pics about Actual Advice Yoda. Also, Actual Advice Yoda.

Beware the car eating cows - (crazy traffic signs). I can honestly say I've never seen this.

Christopher Lee witnessed the last guillotine execution in France! - OMG Facts - The World's #1 Fact Source

And he released a metal album at the age of No one is more badass than Sir Christopher Lee.

Wil Wheaton  Fact: I was majorly in love with him when I was a little girl.

I never cared for Wesley Crusher, but I do like Will Wheaton as himself on The Big Bang Theory, and his shirt is fantastic.

Ba hahaha. Yeah, thanks Obama.

Normally I don't post political stuff on FB, but this made me laugh so hard! It's humor people. No political comments allowed!