Eid Mosque Cake

Tricky cake to make but i enjoyed making this. Turned out to be a pretty fancy mosque too! I used a basic Chocolate buttercream covered square cake with a for the dome which i carved

A Crafty Arab: 99 Creative Eid Projects. Eid Money Balloons | ModernMuslimHome.com

99 Creative Eid Projects {Resource

Mini Cupcakes For Eid

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cool eid giveaway and info about nifty product for eid cupcakes!

Eid Font Cupcake Wrapper and Topper (pack of Font eid cupcake wrapper and topper 8 wrappers, 8 toppers

Biggest cake in the world (mabe)

To promote Islam among the Latino community by becoming better-educated Muslims and by working with like-minded Muslims.

We are slowly reaching the end of Ramadan and we know how things can get in the last ten nights. You want to focus on whats important which is why we have taken the time to make sure you don’t have to worry about your Eid decorations. Bookmark this page and come back to it the night before eid inshaa Allah because these free printable eid decorations will still be here waiting for you ;).     Candy Letter Garland by Oh Happy Days                                                       DIY…

Free Printable Eid Decorations

Eid will be arriving soon, all Muslims in the world look forward to the day their victory after almost one month of Ramadan fasting

Gingerbread Mosque for Ramadan and Eid

Find out the religious meaning and significance of Ramadan. As a bonus, find excellent ideas for Eid cookie decorating ideas.

Eid 1434 - 2013

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ka'aba cake - Adha Eid

Was thinking of making a Ka'aba cake for Eid ul Adha, looks like I'm not the only one who had this idea.but this gets me thinking that maybe I could make little black w/gold cubic brownies instead! From The Cookie Jar: The Ka'aba Brownie Cake

http://www.greetingsisland.com/Printables/Holidays/Ramadan          Has cards that can be used as printables

http://www.greetingsisland.com/Printables/Holidays/Ramadan Has cards that can be used as printables