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Fingerling weiner friends, with cheesey shells

Pin for Later: The Emotional Rollercoaster That Is Watching Me Before You And She's Sobbing

And She's Sobbing

3 ways to enjoy beans 'n weiners - 1961

3 ways to enjoy beans 'n wieners (1961

What hungry teenagers wouldn't be happy when you offer them an open-faced hot dog and pork 'n beans sandwich? Oh, the praise you will receive!

Why you haven't lost weight.  Let Food be Thy Medicine - Stop yo-yo dieting. Stop counting calories. Weight gain, weight loss and diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes are the result of the American diet. This lecture will cause you to rethink your own weight struggles and may even identify a starting point for learning how to lose weight for good.

Matthew Weiner is an author and bariatric surgeon who has recognized the flaws in our current understanding of why people struggle with weight.

Another Chiffon cake.. Mid-century ❤️

That amazing old angel food cake with pink icing! Chiffon cake recipe from old Mazola advertising