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I shouldn't find this as funny as I do.

There's Padalecki, Sadalecki, Madalecki.>>> I didn't Sven notice the names i thought it was just Jared Padalecki

Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural

One of my favorite scenes. I love the fact that Cas's expression never changes and Deans brilliant eye-roll.

I went to bed at 4am and got up at 7am. Someone. Kill. Me. ••• #supernatural…that comment is me everyday cause again supernatural

“ This is a mandatory Sam Winchester’s face appreciation post ”

The boys and Charlie are perfect together. I hope we see more of her in season 9!

We've All Been There

The fact that this is basically Supernatural and its fandom. Netflix- "h." Me- "Running from my problems." Netflix- *opens arms* "Come on in and I'll start playing Supernatural for you. Thank you, Netflix.

And then there's MIscha..

I just love how Jensen and Jim say normal dinosaur names and then Misha is like, "I want to be the plastic toy dinosaur in Toy Story!" JUST LOVE MISHA COLLINS!>>>meanwhile Misha.

Thats jared padalecki folks

Jared with great Padahair eating octo-pumpkin grape OMG. I have never heard of an octo - pumpkin grape.


Jared Padalecki is an American actor best known for his roles as Sam Winchester on "Supernatural" and Dean Forester on "Gilmore Girls.

beginner's wandless magic

fire tribe does this a lot, including in performances. it'll go completely dark and then, all of a sudden, the place will be filled with a blinding flash of light and heat.