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cutie, mystic messenger and yoosung image on We Heart It

Yoosung is too innocent for our love,so let him give you his!

Poor and innocent Yoosung. a kiss is too much for him~

ahh seven

wait So if Seven's really a devout Catholic, he's probably waiting to get married then do the dance with no pants with his wife after. Could Seven be a virgin?

( open rp ) * I make a heart shape with my hands to you *

Adorable artwork of Saeyoung- Seven 707 Saeyoung choi Luciel Cheritz Mystic Messenger

ice cream, summer, and wattermelon 이미지

Is that ice-cream supposed to look like a watermelon or is that a coincidence

Right now I'm on the yoosung route

On Yoosung's route at the moment. Man, the story line is really. (TT^TT) though my taste is more like Zen, if Yoosung is real, definitely I will fall for him haha XD