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Breakfast and the news.

Coffee, bites and newspaper can never go wrong. Even though I dont like to read newspapers, I like pretending I do.

coffee and chocolate

What Do Your Caffeine Habits Say About You?

Cardamom Coffee - add cardamom pods to coffee in grinder for a unique spicy coffee. never thought of this :o LOVE CARDAMOM


Pioneer Woman has a great Iced Coffee recipe with Sweeten Condensed Milk Coffee/Cream yum! I love drinking out of mason jars

Millions of images rupture our daily notions. Sometimes , consciously and sometimes unconsciously ; signing up deals with the mind or heart to crop them later. Thoughts are a smooth way of escaping…

The Faltering Thoughts

Mornings are my favorite. I love getting up earlier so I have time to just sit, enjoy a warm cup of tea/coffee & relax in the calmness of the morning to ease me into the day.

Game night: Turn off your phones (okay that's going too far, turn them to silent) light a fire and dust off your old board games.

7 Budget-Friendly Romantic Valentine's Day Dates

Playing scrabble and board games at home. Drinking coffee or hot tea or cocoa. Mmm how I miss the fall.