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yes...as a matter of fact I have hugged almost all 7 of them today!

The Working Proof: "Have You Hugged Your Cat Today? of sales goes to the pablove foundation


funny-pictures-cat-has-toy-pony-minions Reminder of blair waldorf and Gossip Girl!


20 Photos/ pictures of greedy cat eating chocolate, fish cake baby food corn sushi watermelon veggies doritos pizza banana

Cats are just amazing. They remind me to be continually confident and curious. They’re a responsibility, but they’re also just plain funny. They think they rule the world and live like it, even when their “ruling” causes messes (such as climbing and then knocking over the Christmas tree).

How To Be A Cat Lessons

Funny pictures about How To Be A Cat Lessons. Oh, and cool pics about How To Be A Cat Lessons. Also, How To Be A Cat Lessons photos.