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Bullet flowers

The only thing more cool than seeing a gun shot underwater is the beautiful, flower shaped jacketed hollow point bullets that result.

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Captain Louis Capparelli of Maxwell Street Police Station's dog, Lassie. Chicago 1944

New guard dog.~~~~Our Jack Russell doesn't need a gun. She alerts the entire neighborhood if there is anyone around with whom she isn't very familiar. She is known as the neighborhood watch dog.

Bullet Bouquets. No better way to call them than that. And just as cool as these loaded pots of blooms: gung-ho shooter and artist Anthony Zambai saw the idea for them on Reddit less than a week ago. When the Bullet Bouquet was presented on the front pa

Bullet Bouquets

What better way to bring flowers home to your wife than with a brand new set of bullet bouquets! This bouquet is made of real, authentic hollow point bullets.

Ecard Christmas I want a Glock

HELL YES! All I want for Christmas is a Glock Henry Big Boy, Remington M&P & that crossbow that Daryl carries.