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Apple and Cranberry Pandowdy This dessert features two varieties of apples in season: Firm but tender Rome holds its shape, while the creamy McIntosh cooks down into a sauce.

Oyster Brioche Stuffing | Martha Stewart Living - This stuffing has flavors that are rich, yet simple and balanced.

Oyster Brioche Stuffing Buttery brioche, fresh oysters, and cream make this stuffing a special treat. Take care not to overcook the oysters, so that they maintain their tender texture.

Squash baked with a garlic sage cream sauce..

Dumpling Squash with Cream and Sage

Dumpling Squash with Cream and Sage from Martha Stewart. Halves of these small winter squashes make individual servings when baked with a garlic-sage cream sauce.

Rose-Scented Plum Crumble Tart

Rose-Scented Plum Crumble Tart

Cherry Enchiladas With Water, Butter, White Sugar, Flour Tortillas, Cherry Pie Filling, White Sugar, Ground Cinnamon, Sliced Almonds

Cherry Enchiladas - Very good! I suggest mixing 8 oz of cream cheese with cup of powdered sugar and spreading some on each tortilla before the cherry pie filling.

French Rolls

20 Thanksgiving Roll and Biscuit Recipes That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Bread Basket

This is the ultimate recipe for those who like crusty, chewy dinner rolls. The starter for these rolls needs to sit for 12 to 15 hours, so plan ahead.

You'll want firm but ripe apples that are sweet, such as Empire or Gala. With the cinnamon in this homey cake, they'll hit the spot. Take a few minutes to arrange the apple slices in neat circles on the bottom of the pan -- when the cake is baked and inverted, you'll find them decorating the top.

Apple-Cinnamon Upside-Down Cake

Apple-Cinnamon Upside-Down Cake Recipe. Tip: Use firm but ripe apples that are sweet, such as Empire or Gala.

We used a combination of fingerling and tiny new potatoes, but this dish would be just as delicious with quartered or halved new potatoes.

Braised Potatoes

Braised Potatoes ~ A variety of baby potatoes is sauteed with onion, shallot, and rosemary until browned, and then cooked in chicken stock until soft. These potatoes can be made a day in advance and reheated in the oven before dinner.

Peach Crumble Recipe from Martha Stewart

Peach Crumble

For an even sweeter summer, take advantage of the season's perfectly ripe peaches in this easy crowd-pleaser of a dessert. The topping freezes well, so why not make a double batch and save half for another day?Get the Peach Crumble Recipe