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2012 2PM LIVE TOUR “What Time Is It?”

In preparation for their upcoming Tour 2012 'What Time Is It?", has revealed a promotional poster of Wooyoung!

That is so accurate. .____. Except for the first pic.  One of the first Kpop mvs that I saw was Tell Me Goodbye by Big Bang.... I liked that mv, so then I tried Monster...........  And that's when I fell in love with Kpop.  I was all  \o/ THIS.IS.AWWESSSSOOOMMMEEEE!!!! Lol

Sooo true lol haters gonna hate but I don't have a f**k to give cuz I loooove kpop ❤️

So true! XD

This soooo happened to me with EXO's Two Moons. Who else thought Key was rapping in korean the first few listens?

Such deep lyrics


lol I luv the fake subs, they make life wonderful

Woo Young - Ceci Magazine September Issue ‘14

member Wooyoung can be seen in the September issue of the fashion publication Ceci Magazine. Jang Wooyoung was born on April He is a South Korean idol and K pop singer.

2PMジュノ、初ソロアルバム発売記念ファンイベントを開催 - もっと! コリア (Motto! KOREA)

2PMジュノ、初ソロアルバム発売記念ファンイベントを開催 - もっと! コリア (Motto! KOREA)