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Installing new cabinet knobs, use this device from Lowes. This will come in handy when you add the new hardware and want them to all be in the same place. Great for the kitchen or bathroom Cabinets.

How to install cabinet hardware from the Family Handyman answers all the questions I had to research when I was installing hardware. Very helpful information.

How to Install Cabinet Hardware

Use the Door Rail as a Guide when installing handles and knobs: Line up a knob with the top of the bottom door rail. If you're installing door pulls, line up the bottom of the pull with the top of the door rail. Always center them on the door stile.

Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware - Tips for installing knobs and pulls to doors and drawers

Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Install a Wall Hugger Receptacle- Gain extra inches of space on kitchen countertops and behind appliances by replacing existing outlets!

Install a Wall Hugger Receptacle

Install a Wall Hugger Receptacle. Save space and reduce outlet clutter. Gain precious extra inches of space on kitchen countertops and behind appliances by replacing an existing receptacle with a recessed electrical outlet .

Inexpensive Cabinet Doors

10 DIY Cabinet Doors For Updating Your Kitchen

How to Tile Preformed Niches

The Best Way to Install Tile on a Wall

Installing a kitchen tile backsplash.so can you-I would love a tile backsplash in my kitchen

Replacing a broken bathtub spout is a simple, inexpensive project. In this article, we'll show you the most common types of spouts, and how to replace them. Even if you've never tackled a plumbing project before, you can handle replacing the spout. And don't worry. You don't need any special skills or plumbing tools.

How to Replace a Bathtub Spout

For Bethany, the household handywoman, and Ruthy who enjoys working with tools:) Awesome website for homeowners: The Family Handyman. Anything that you need fixed, there's a step by step guide with difficulty rating and cost.

Installing cabinet hardware can be intimidating! This simple trick makes installing new cabinets pulls so easy!

Easy cabinet hardware install tutorial from The Turquoise Home! Great hardware match as well in the white kitchen!