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Why online video marketing is a must for you and your business...  #business #videomarketing

Alexander's shares an infographic and a video that highlight the importance of using online video marketing as part of your marketing mix.

How to Launch a Pinterest Business Account: Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies

How to Launch a Pinterest Business Account: Step-by-Step Guide for Newbies

"If you want to succeed, you have to work smart.That means putting a plan in place and taking an integrated, strategic approach"-says /postplanner/. /rebekahradice/ guides you step-by-step-how you can do the same for your business. H/t /pegfitzpatrick/

These 15 Social Media Ps & Qs May Surprise You [Infographic] | via #BornToBeSocial - Pinterest Marketing

Social Media Etiquette Guide for Business [Infographic] When you add the global reach of social media, bad manners and bad behaviour gets amplified. Here is the social media etiquette for 6 social media networks.

What Does A Successful #Entrepreneur Look Like?  #startups #smallbiz

Infographic: What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur? Shocking Facts & Stats - StartupBros - What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur Infographic

21 rules of content marketing

21 New Content Marketing Rules [Infographic]

Caring Content is King. do it because you love it, post it because you care about it, engage because you are an expert! 21 New Content Marketing Rules [Infographic]

The best small business apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Run a small business? Here are some useful apps

The best small business apps [INFOGRAPHIC] The complete toolbox that gives you everything you need to start a profitable online business!

You have great #content for #socialmedia, so why isn't your audience engaging with it? You could be posting at the wrong time. #TechPR3345

The best times to post on social media

Todays infographic will show you Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Media. So lets learn about perfect time to post on your social media account.

Free Editorial Calendar Template Download For Your Blog (2014 Updated

– How To Create Perfect Social Media Posts [INFOGRAPHIC]. This infographic demonstrates which social media channels we should use, and at what times we should post.