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Glass Oil Unity Candle This Day I'll Marry My Friend Northwest Glass,http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0043FE7ZC/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_HTNatb1Y2Z0ANKNR

Glass Oil Unity Candle (can buy pair of glass oil taper candles to go with it)

Cathy's Concepts Unity Candle 3903FC / Floating Unity Candle

Personalized Floating Unity Candle and Vase plus more unity candles in a variety of colors. Our unity candles can be customized to match your wedding theme.

YAVA Glass - Recycled Corona Extra and Light Beer Bottle Glasses (Variety Set of…

make drinking glasses from beer or wine bottle. how to for wine bottle candle project. Could do with vintage looking soda bottles as well

Beer Bottle Shot Glasses, since he doesn't save clear bottles.

Man Cave Ideas

beer bottle shot glasses "So you’ve been making beer bottle glasses (.) and probably have been wondering what you can do with the top part of the bottle.

1.) Take a string tie it at the top of the label. 2.) Keep string tied an soak it in lighter fluid. 3.) Slip string back over the bottle top to top of lable 4.) Light string an turn bottle so all of string is burning. You will hear thr bottle crack. 5.) Pour cold water over bottle an the top will fall off. 6.) Take sand paper to smooth the edge.

That a string soak it in lighter liquid tie it around the glassware above the label and light it you should hear the bottle crack when you do our cold water on it and the top should fall off after that take sandpaper and sand it until the till is smooth

Jack Daniels bottle into a candle

Full candle w essence oil made of coffee, it is a natural sanitizer for the air, so is thieves. Beer and Whiskey bottle candles for my hub's man cave.better make sure those are rinsed out well

Sand Ceremony Wine Ceremony Mason Jar Glass by MinSvenskaLandgard, @Alisha McDuffie

Items similar to Sand Ceremony Wine Ceremony Mason Jar Glass Set with personalized charms, Rustic Barn Outdoor Woodland Wedding Decor on Etsy