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www.thecharmingofleaves.com                        When Ana Winters reluctantly agrees to attend a dinner party at an estate outside Boston, she imagines she’ll do a bit of networking, explore the magnificent house, and enjoy a break from the city. Everything changes when she meets Bill Arndt....

Nature lets us enjoy the wonderful things in life so enjoy the fall season with family and friends throughout the Holidays!

і знову стрибунець:)

Polish forests by Jerzy Grzesiak. Walk in the woods in the sunshine This is watership down

Whispering Hallows. Rarely you see a human soul walk on this road. I heard from the historian of this town that there are thirty two hidden meadows and nineteen creeks hidden throughout Whispering Hallows. I have only found eleven creeks and twenty two meadows. He said that everytime you cross the bridge to seek another place, you will find more than you are asking for. I believed him since I have found all creeks and I have found eight more meadows. I took him to see them all. ~Megan

Deer crosses road at night in a dark forest

Visit Forks, Washington. #twilight

Walks in a forest where sunlight filters through the trees, pine needles crunch underfoot and fresh smell of moss and moisture permeate the air! Feel so rejuvenated and one with nature when I'm in a forest.