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This is what a real president looks like.

President Ronald Reagan loved America, the American people and the Constitution. Here he is seen kissing the flag to show his love for the country it represents.

Killary is totally unqualified to be president in 2016. Remember Benghazi.

Hutch USA on

Honestly, have we learned nothing from our current potus being completely inexperienced in governance?

Gary Johnson for president

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These things all sound very alarming! They are very true...go ahead and look it up! There is another one that predates these...she was in a financial scandal (Whitewater) that sent all her business partners to prison....since she was first lady...she got special treatment and the only one who avoided it. Now she feels that she is above the law and is half of a very greedy couple.

Hillary Clinton is a liar and should be in prison period

I fully expect him to pull 'Martial Law' to postpone elections indefinitely to keep him in office!!

I fully expect him to pull 'Martial Law' to postpone elections indefinitely to keep him in office! Hijack the presidency.I wouldnt be suprised !

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Hilly and Billy do not deserve another round in the White House. Wake up America! Don't let lies and deception be the way of life in our Nation.

Why Hillary Clinton LOST the election!

Get a conservative in office. At least someone who isn't so liberal that they CAN say "Muslim Terrorist"or "Muslim Extremist" when it's the truth.

2 of the most dangerous people in this country. If she wins the most dangerous in the world!

These two, Bill and Hillary, want back in the White House. Just say no. No more lying scumbags in the White House. No more illicit sex in the Oval Office, disrespecting both the Presidency, and the American people.