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Jenny 13 and Tommy (Tomcat) by MiroirTwin

"uh, actually dad, i want to be an astronaut" i keep thinking about how passionate danny seems to get about space sometimes geez do not share/repost thi.

Danny & Valerie

sapphireclaw said: Just realized in the pic you used to answer my gray ghost ask, Valerie is totally grabbing Danny's butt.

Sam "eating breakfast" while they're a cadet team http://haikujitsu.tumblr.com/post/72219741318/casepsart-%E3%83%84-im-makin-up-shit-without

casepsart: “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im makin up shit without even knowing the story you guys planned up for this thing hahaha space au unintentionally started by ghostfiish?

"Bruises glow in the dark when you’re dead." By ectology on Tumblr

"Bruises glow in the dark when you’re dead." << This just makes me think of something cool with the pure liquid mono, like it glows in the dark when in complete, utter blackness.

Waging my wars

I'm finding all kinds of new Danny Phantom material and it's making me smile.