Steampunk gun HOLSTER BELT Victorian Nerf N-Strike Maverick Zombie Soft Dart toy   OMG ITS A STEAMPUNK NERF GUN. words cannot describe how much I want this...

Gun and holster.i like it that thats a nerf gun and tool belt holster, panted metallic, pretty sweet!

Enfriar el Steampunk Blaster perfecto para cualquier cosplay, colector o debut teatral. ¡Ligero y durable! ¡Perfecto para cualquier fanático de Steampunk en su vida

Steam Punk Blaster Steam Punk Blaster Victorian by WulfgarWeapons

Nifty Steam Punk gun

Bright Brass Chainlock Pistol steam punk gun by AgentOfChaos


So I picked up a few Nerf Guns that are going to be converted into some really cool steampunk guns. The big pistol is called the "Nerf Mave.

I became interested in Steampunk fashion/style when I photographed a Steampunk…

Steampunk camera - wonder if the metal dish refelctor could be achieved with a small lightweight plate and hot glue. Could work as a reflector for a lamp too?

Steampunk gun TESLA Victorian scifi pistol APOCALYPTIC cyber

reminder - you can extend the gun forward if you're willing to sacrifice its ability to shoot.