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A man in a black suit is sexy

Find how batman works out. Unveiling Christian Bale Workout Routine, know Christian Bale's Diet plan, the batman workout regime and more.

#wattpad #fan-fiction "She moved from being a young woman into having the angular look of a queen, someone who has made her face with her desire to be a certain kind of person."  -Michael Odaajte

Effortless // James T. Kirk - playlist + cast

These are so adorable! By French artist Francois Dourlen

Artist Inserts Movie Characters into Real Life Situations with His iPhone!


Confessions of a Snow Queen by MattesWorks Elsa in pain Frozen Walt Disney movie animation enchanting fairytale.

Người Dơi 2: Kỵ Sĩ Bóng Đêm - Batman 2: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight from Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Sono circondata da idioti

I always think Scar is one of my favorite Disney villians because of this line. And then I remember he killed Mufasa and it all goes down the drain. But this is still my life quote.




Batman and Superman Throw Punches in 2 BATMAN V SUPERMAN Banners

The Latest 'Batman V Superman' Posters Provide Two Perspectives On The Superhero Showdown


RYZE by Iconic Audio, released 23 January 2014 RYZE Epsilon Seeker Vanguard Olympia Fate of the World Solace The Odyssey Desolation Dawn of Man A Hero Rises

Darth Vader Limited Edition 24 x 36 cartel  Darth Vader lona

High Quality Prints Star Wars Movie IV Amazing art and odds/ends on this site!

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